PREMIERE: Fox Grin’s new clip for Shangri-La is a slice of psych-pop heaven

Shangri-La (ʃaŋgrɪˈlɑː|) • noun: a place regarded as an earthly paradise, especially when involving a retreat from modern civilisation, not dissimilar to Utopia. 

The definition seems fitting for the Fox Grin‘s new clip of the same name. The fuschia hues are otherworldly, the vocal harmonies, euphonious. It is not all too often that a band is so pleasant sounding that it almost feels too pure to listen to.

Nashville-based art rock duo Fox Grin deliver an otherworldly new clip to accompany their euphonious single Shangri-La.

Fox Grin have carved their own sonic path. Members Thom Chapman and David Bean experiment with pop formula song structures and arrangements, and, with their live band in tow, their performances undeniably increase in energy.

“Shangri-La is about the escaping feeling of contentment and enlightenment,” Fox Grin said of their song, “The never-ending reach for satisfaction and gratification, the self-awareness surrounding the duality of feeling lost while also being grateful for the idea and concept ‘Shangri-La’ provides.” 

The band cite an eclectic range of musical inspirations and find it difficult to categorize their individual sound as anything less broad than art-rock. Shangri-La finds its footing in dreamy psych-rock soundscapes.

Shangri-La is an earworm; listeners become easily transfixed by the combination of harmonious vocals and euphoric melodies. It is texturised by glittery guitar riffs and a subtly celestial string section and features perfectly executed layers of rhythm.

The fuschia-hued forest in which Shangri-La was filmed is the perfect backdrop to their otherworldly single. Check out the video below:

The video was created by Solar Cabin studios and followed the single, which was released back in June.

The band have no plans to travel to Australia anytime soon, but if you’re based in the US, keep your eye on Fox Grin. We think we’re on to something here…