Supporters of #freebritney movement hope to free ‘Star Trek’s’ Nichelle Nichols next

Britney Spears fans have seen how helpful they can be and are now turning attention to what is thought to be Nichelle Nichols’ abusive conservatorship.

Fans and activists marched around the Los Angeles courthouse on Monday afternoon to raise awareness of the Star Arek legend’s situation.

The group was small, with only just over a dozen people attending, but if the #freebritney movement is anything to go off, this thing will take off in no time.

Credit: mpi04/MediaPunch/IPx

Nichols has been living under conservatorship since 2018 with her son Kyle Johnson in charge, who looks after her finances and decides pretty much everything she’s allowed to do. At a glance, it very well could be a pretty shitty situation.

The only thing is, unlike 40-year-old Britney, Nichols is 89-years-old and allegedly suffers from dementia. Hopefully, this new group of activists aren’t setting up a poor old woman for a life without support.

“Free Nichelle Nichols!”

”Isolation is abuse!”

“Hey hey, ho ho, the conservatorship has got to go!”

“We’re going to do whatever we can to shed light on the issue and to make sure that there’s lasting change for not just Britney, not just Nichelle but everyone who is trapped in this corrupt system,” #FreeBritneyLA organizer Kevin Wu told BuzzFeed News.

Nichols is living with dementia which can make living independently quite difficult, however, the tricky thing with degenerative disorders like this is it makes patients vulnerable to exploitation.

Nichols’ longtime friend Angelique Fawcette told BuzzFeed that Nichols was able to manage her own affairs and that Johnson is not acting in her best interests.

“You just can’t come and take people’s home and money and just say, ‘Hey, it’s mine. Sorry, you’re old, you’re almost dead anyway, so I’m taking this,’” Fawcette told BuzzFeed.

“Look at all these amazing old people who are out there doing things. They’re living the life ’til their last drop and that’s really what I’m fighting for, for Nichelle.”

A court hearing was held on Monday where a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge overruled Fawcette’s objections to Johnson’s final accounting report for his mother’s conservatorship.

Fawcette met with supports outside the courthouse and said she wouldn’t stop fighting for her friend.

“I’d be damned if this is my last stand for Nichelle Nichols,” she said. “Whether you are white, Black, Latino, Asian, American Indian, Persian, no matter what you are, you have roots in the soil. And you have a right to stand up for yourself and you have a right to stand up for your family and your friends.”