Here's 10 of the best free VR games you can play in 2021

Here’s 10 of the best free VR games you can play in 2021

The world of virtual reality has never been more accessible. With these free VR games, you can immerse yourself without breaking the bank.

The tech really is catching up in the field of virtual reality. Nowadays, there’s a healthy variety of headsets available for full-scale immersion into games. There’s also an evergrowing catalogue of free VR games, for zero-risk experimentation and fun.

So if you’ve got no leftover cash after building the ultimate battlestation or successfully tracking down a PS5 (not to mention actually buying a headset), never fear. Here are 10 VR games that you can dive into straightaway while keeping your bank balance intact.

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Rec Room

Virtual Reality often conjures up action-packed, sometimes even horrifying environments that are too close to the real world for comfort. Rec Room isn’t one of those games. With an emphasis on sociability, it’s a healthy entrance to this immersive platform.

It’s also part development — you can the Rec Room Maker Pen to create entire worlds with your friends, plus you can discover games made by others in the community. Wholesome fun, especially in these socially distanced times.


Echo VR

Fancy living out your Quidditch/Tron fantasies in VR? If you didn’t know there was such a thing, guess what, there is! Echo VR invites you into a world where gravity is yesterday’s news and you don’t even have to be a billionaire to enjoy it.

If you’ve got a competitive instinct that needs a healthy outlet, you might just find your happy place in the Echo Arena: where team sports and combat combine to make something truly special.


The Red Stare

VR can also seem like it’s the exclusive domain of the futuristic. The Red Stare — a gorgeous game set in the Big Apple — proves that it doesn’t have to be. What’s more, it’s a great way to brush up on a bit of history.

Set in the 1950s, this game takes you into the paranoid heart of the ‘Red Menace’ years, tracking down commies with the help of a phone and fax machine (hang on, were there fax machines in ’50s?).


Google Earth VR

All gamed out and need to take a holiday? Well, Google Earth is hardly a game, but it does come into its own in the realm of Virtual Reality. In fact, in an era where it’s hard to get almost anywhere, you could argue that it’s a stress-relieving tool in its own right.

Just like you can on your phone, you can browse to find specific locations, but you can also do neat things, like fly over the Amazon, get a bird’s eye view of the Eiffel Tower, and pretty much anywhere else in the world too.


DCS World Steam Edition

If Virtual Reality is designed to provide the most realistic experience possible, DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) World is a no-brainer. Putting you right in the cockpit, this game gives players a battle experience like no other.

Covering land, sea, and air, from multiple time periods, you’ll feel all the heat of combat, plus be absolutely wowed by the variety of landscapes on offer. A treat for the senses.


Spider-Man: Far from Home VR

Swinging off skyscrapers sound like a pipe dream? Spider-Man: Far from Home VR puts it within reach (and if you can’t reach it, you’ve got web-shooters). That’s why it deserves a place on this best free VR games list.

There’s so much to love about this classic character, and if you pick up this game, you’ll be living out childhood fantasies before you know it. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s regressive, they’re just party-poopers.


Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: VR Mission

Speaking of childhood fantasies…

This free VR game brings the spectacular world of Star Wars into your headset. Just like the aforementioned DCS World, Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One straps you right into the cockpit.

This time, however, players aren’t doing battle on Earth. This one is an interplanetary dogfight, as you take your X-Wing into a deadly rescue mission. Epic.


Wolfenstein 3D VR

A little while back, the all-time classic first-person shooter Wolfenstein was ingeniously ported to VR. If you’re a retro junkie, but want to insert yourself into that world, this is a game you don’t wanna miss.

So just like you (or your parents) did 30 years ago, you can find that Nazi loot, a selection of guns and slay your way to victory. Only this time around, you’ll have the weird sensation of actually being inside the game. Glorious.


Colosseum VR

VR is a fascinating tool for exploring history: it can put you right in the heart of environments that are lost to time. In Colosseum VR, the splendour of ancient Rome engulfs you. Not bad for a free VR experience.

Players tour through the ancient monument as it was at the height of the Roman Empire, and come face-to-face with the gladiators. A shining example of VR as a uniquely immersive educational tool.


Epic Roller Coasters

Epic Roller Coasters. It’s all in the title, really. While this is a simple premise, the experience is actually pretty damn cool. And once again, roller coasters are just made for VR.

Yes, there are thrills and spills, but also skills. Ever wanted to do some target practise while trying not to vomit? Me neither, but it’s more fun than you’d expect. It’s bonkers, and for that reason alone, it’s one of the best free VR games you can get your hands on.