Freeway Needles – When Your Skirt Hits The Floor Remix

It was only last week that we introduced you to psychedelic glam rockers We Will Be Lions, and now the San Francisco natives have unleashed a remix of their single When Your Skirt Hits The Floor.

WWBL Freeway Needles

First we brought you San Francisco psychedelic glam rock. Now we give you the remixed treatment courtesy of up and comers Freeway Needles.

Suffice to say, this isn’t We Will Be Lions remixing their own single and releasing it. That would be strange. No, this remix comes courtesy fellow San Franciscans Freeway Needles, and it’s a good’n! The original song had already boasted plenty of dance floor potential, but this remix is brimming with disco stylings. What was once a down tempo, baby-making soundtrack has been morphed into a muscular and funky dance track. And yes, you can add it to your baby-making soundtrack, if you have one that is.

So how did this immaculate collaboration come about you ask? As it so happens both parties met through the small record label Green Chair Music based in San Francisco, which has a heavy focus on experimental music.It’s nice when friends help each other out, isn’t it?

The remix works in that it manages to keep the spirit of the original intact whilst adding and warping elements to truly make the track shine. The distorted guitar track carries a lot edge to it and carries the weight of the remix. The eclectic mix of percussion really adds a sense of fun and spontaneity to the proceedings, Freeway Needles switching between the standard drum machine to drum sounds with an inspired Caribbean influence. The When Your Skirt Hits The Floor remix finally closes out with a prolonged fade out – which quite frankly is underutilized in most music. The measured fade out nicely mirrors the the disjointed and chaotic opening, creating an engaging sense of evolution within the song.

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Whereas the original was a smooth, sultry, laid back song to be enjoyed by the pool, Freeway Needles’ reworking is definitely more suited to a Friday night dance off. If you’re like me and have no plans for the weekend, then know that at least you’ll be dancing.

We Will Be Lions are currently in the studio making musical magic, so keep an eye on this space for their upcoming new material.