ELEL – 40 Watt

I’ve had some great times with bands who feature too many members to remember (notably Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes), and have only realised in writing this right now how much I’m drawn to the culminated of creative bodies. There’s something so enticing about multiple instruments and gang vocals that soar higher than most EDM layering can. Plus you know you’re in for one hell of a live show.


As many an arms as an octopus, the members of Nashville’s ELEL fill their music with plenty of good vibes, energy and plenty of soul.

ELEL is an eight-piece band full of soul and good vibes, hailing from Nashville in the US. Their style falls under a category called ‘world pop’ which is pretty accurate considering their unique blend of our beloved indie pop with African rhythms and a slight Caribbean influence.

40 Watt is the first bit of brilliance to be released from ELEL’s debut album, and is bursting from the seams with vibrant energy – think the feel good traits of Bluejuice with the uniqueness of Jinja Safari. The heavy beat building up into the explosion that is the chorus is intense in all the right ways, and sure to make even the most unwilling participants get up and dance.

Is it in your face? Absolutely. Is it too much? Absolutely not. As if this band couldn’t be any more joyous, ELEL have released a video to accompany the single featuring a number of people dancing. It’s refreshing to see such a light-hearted take on music videos (even if it does feature some cringey dad-at-a-BBQ style moves).

40 Watt will feature on the long-awaited album Geode, which was set to be released in June but is currently TBC. For now we can just cross our fingers it comes out before the end of the year so us lucky Australians can reveal in ELEL’s summertime vibes. Or if you’re desperate, you can sus out the remix of 40 Watt by Daytrip which is pretty swell too.