Friendlyjordies exposes how Deputy Premier John Barilaro allegedly cheated his way to $700,000

In a joint investigation, friendlyjordies and Michael West Media have exposed John Barilaro’s alleged illegal dealings with Marco Polo Club.

In collaboration with Michael West Media, Australia’s most profilic YouTube political commentator, Jordan Shanks (aka friendlyjordies), has offered up what may well be the crescendo of his Bruz saga, outlining the blatant corruption that appears to course through the veins of the New South Wales State Government, and more specifically, our Deputy Premier: John Barilaro.

In a 12-minute video titled The Italian Job, Shanks presents a blissful tearing apart of the (extremely) thin veil covering a lengthy list of crimes and dodgy loopholes that were allegedly exploited by the Barilaro family during their acquisition of the Marco Polo Social Club clubhouse in Queanbeyan, New South Wales.

Friendlyjordies Bruz

This is the latest in a tirade of videos released by Shanks focusing on John Barilaro – including a video shot inside Barilaro’s own Airbnb-listed estate.

At the time, the nearly PHD-length video essay was written off by Murdoch-owned media as nothing more than a racist attempt at bragging about using the Airbnb to fornicate and use the toilet. Media outlets like Daily Mail and said very little about the content addressed in the video, such as mismanagement of bushfires, water theft, and pork barrelling, to name a few.

All of these incompetencies, which have been swept under the dirty rug that has become Australian politics, are enough of a kick in the guts to any Australian voter – but if this latest goings-on from the Barilaro household won’t make your blood heat up, I’m afraid we all might as well be lizard people.

The Italian Job is a dish best served with an investigative piece written by Michael West journalist Callum Foote, who in collaboration with Shanks, uncovered how the Barilaro family managed to allegedly worm their way into stealing what was once a cultural hub for the Italian community of Queanbeyan since 1975.

“Behind fairly impressive fortunes lie many, many dumb little annoying crimes perpetrated by dumb little annoying people,” Shanks describes in the video.

The video outlines how, thanks to “aggressive business tactics”, John and father Domenico Barilaro became owners of the clubhouse after Domenico first became president of the club and allegedly ran it into the ground financially. Despite this, club members contributed to fundraisers to save it, which were successful for a short amount of time.

When Domenico decided it was unfeasible to pay off the mortgage on the clubhouse, he raised the rent. In doing so, the club was forced out of the lease and Monaro Properties (John Barilaro’s shell company used to purchase the club in the first place) could seemingly sell the property back to the Barilaro family.

Yesterday, Shanks tweeted a comically non-cryptic message about the possibility of a retaliation hit from the Barilaro empire, hinting that some people “might not be too happy” about the video, which found, at a minimum, Barilaro would allegedly gain $700,000 from the acquisition.

If this video is the last we ever hear from the friendly man who flew too close to the Calabrian sun, at least we will know that he lived and died by that old Turkish proverb: “No mercy for stooges.”