LISTEN: Quite Like Pete – ‘Sitcom’

Ulladulla’s rowdiest export Quite Like Pete have just dropped their latest disorderly grunge rollercoaster Sitcom.

Sitcom, the latest offering from South Coast rockers Quite Like Pete, will have you moving and shaking like a psychotic patient in a straight jacket. It’s got more energy than a nuclear reactor in a microwave, making it the perfect soundtrack to letting your freak fly in a sweaty mosh pit.

The track was recorded at Def Wolf Studios, where the band spent careful time bottling lightning and madness together into infectious and equally dense breakdowns. The subtle audio engineering in the mix has you feeling like you’re in their cursed sitcom, where you’ve got no escape.

The build back into their electrifying final chorus gives you the feeling that you’ve journeyed into the pits of hell only to fly out on a broomstick powered by steaming riffs and thunderous drums.

Check out Sitcom below.