Lewis Ciavarella hits a funk-pop sweet spot on ‘New Sun’

Since 2018 Lewis Ciavarella has been releasing a steady stream of tunes covering funk, electronica, and guitar-led R&B. With New Sun, he steps the game up a notch.

Australian-artist Lewis Ciavarella is at his best when he’s deep in the jam, brandishing a guitar over his funky compositions. His new song New Sun sings with with a hopeful and romantic, timbre, rife with tremolo-heavy playing and a smoothly sung verses.

The grooves exude a Free Nationals-esque confidence, an attitude honed by Ciavarella during his years busking on the streets on Melbourne. This is a tune to get you through the tough times, or make the good times even sweeter.

Prior to lockdown, Ciavarella was riding a wave of publicity after a stint on The Voice and a mentorship with Kelly Rowland. He was becoming a regular on Melbourne’s live circuit – but as we know, 2020 changed most musicians’ plans.

Taking lockdown by the horns, the artist was writing, recording, and live streaming at a feverish pace. Now in the tail-end of Melbourne’s COVID-19 crisis, Ciavarella hopes to return to the stage with a whopping 7-piece band behind him.

New Sun also serves as a taste of Ciavarella’s upcoming EP, Two. It will build on the musical world he’s been creating, playing with his influences in R&B, soul, and pop, finding a middle ground that’s funky, catchy, and instrumentally complex.

Look out for Two in early 2021. Until then, listen to New Sun above.