Fucked Up

Alright, here’s a riddle for you. What do you get if you get really, really greedy with a bottle of absinthe? Do you see green fairies? Maybe… but it’s most likely that you’ll just get really fucked up.

Fucked Up was formed way back in 2002. Toronto’s six-piece play hardcore indie-punk rock with has a melange of influences. If you want wacky, you can get your fill here. The band members have odd aliases which will definitely raise an eyebrow or two… Such as 10000 Marbles on the guitar. Concentration Camp on vocals. Mustard Gas on the bass guitar. You get the drift.

fucked up band canada

Canada – home to the Fucked Up. Drink some absinthe and get down with this six piece, madness-inducing band and their hardcore punk.

Now, you might be tempted to push them into the loony bin, but hold out. The music these guys make addresses deeper issues. The band have explored themes ranging from religion to mysticism to political systems. They’ve released three LPs and a number of EPs, plenty of singles, plus a host of local and international live performances. This coming June, Matador Records will be releasing their latest LP, Glass Boys.

Queen of Hearts (David Comes to Life, 2011), is about two factory workers who walk into a bar and start redecorating… No, not really. It’s about the monotony of daily existence, you know when you drag your tired feet to work… but in the midst of this dreadful drudgery, two factory co-workers fall in love. And bang! Sparks fly. Hurrah for them. The track starts with a lot of what sounds like yelling… but let the guitars swoop in and you’ll realize that you thought wrong. Watch the video – you’ll wish you had a teacher as cool as that.

They are kicking off their tour from April 19th. You can find their tour dates here, and if you’re aren’t already a raving psycho, then let’s get Fucked Up real good, eh?



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