Furndale Sisca’s new EP ‘Raven’ is a hypnotic electronic soundscape

Furndale Sisca has brought his debut EP, Raven into the world, with a glistening rhythmic synth soundscape pounding through.

Hailing from Orange NSW, Furndale Sisca recently composed, arranged, and produced his debut EP, Raven. Now based in the Central Coast, he takes his experimentation with electronic music to new heights on this latest project.

Showcasing hypnotising musical soundscapes, underscored by an array of industrial rhythms, Furndale Sisca expertly fuses sonic textures and rhythmic fragments, generating a futuristic sonic world for us to engage in. 

Furndale Siscaa
Credit: Press

With a strong connection to producing music, each track is woven with pieces of his mood, injecting listeners with a desire to groove. Feeling inspiration from the likes of Daft Punk and The Prodigy, he embraces these artists as a framework for his own style. Deeply knowledgeable on the study of EDM, Furndale Sisca takes this knowledge and uses it to guide his experimentation. 

Introducing the electronic EP, Furndale Sisca serves us Breaking Bad, with a heartbeat-like drone. The staccato keyboard evokes visions of swirling atmospheres, and the deep bass and tick-like metronome sounds create an alarming sense of Groundhog Day. Towards the end of the track, psychedelic synths intertwine with an infectious beat, as a distorted synth bass line jaunts with groove.

The second track, With Fiona Apple is fronted with a harking pluck of a beat and a morphing soundscape that is churning in the background. Blistering with elastic sounds, Furndale Sisca’s sounds haze through bending and drowning in lush gasps.

Next is Pussy Whipped, which has more grit and distorted fuzzing that collapses through the track. The beat is deeper with a slightly faster pace, not one to cause urgency though. Little slides and drips of the synth trickle through as a ringing, psychedelic-sounding spaceship ascends and descends in the background.

Credit: Press

Raven soars in after Pussy Whipped, with expansive synth brainwaves that ooze through an urgent punchy electric beat. It snatches your attention and wraps you in gasps of introspective soundwaves and space-like atmospheres. Lastly, to end the EP, A Song For Sleeping delivers a calm, repetitive, analogue-like beat that saunters through at a peaceful pace.

With synth sounds sugar-coated alongside this beat, it’s the perfect wind-down song before bed to help you teleport into slumber. Stream the new EP via Spotify below, and let Furndale Sisca carry you through a stratospheric, synth-swirling soundscape adventure.