New furry dating show premieres tonight on Netflix

The Masked Singer meets The Bachelor tonight as a new ‘furries’-type dating show premieres on Netflix. Needless to say, we’re scared.

Sexy Beasts uses Hollywood-level prosthetics, single men and women will have their real appearances hidden and be transformed into animals and creatures before meeting each other, a furries’ dream.

The six-part series will feature potential love matches out in the real world, most likely to the dismay of members of the public watching on.

Netflix furries dating show
Image: The Guardian

When the dating is over, and the “picker” has chosen their sexy beast, faces will be revealed.

At first glance, the bizarre concept looks like a treat for furries, but it’s kind of sweet the way they need to find love based on personality…and, well, ass for the beaver guy.

Based on the 90-second trailer, we can see we have been blessed with a party-loving Panda in search of a husband.

Furthermore, there’ll be a butt-obsessed Beaver terrified he’ll make the wrong choice, and a Rhino who has recently taken up Sex Kung Fu.

Social media is a bit up and down regarding the show. Some Twitter users describe it as “nightmare fuel“, and others are looking for people to watch it with them to have a good chat.

Sexy Beasts will be released at 5 pm tonight on Netflix, and if you missed the sneak peek, here it is: