Future Love Hangover run us through each track of Sincere Input and share new single

Last month, Sydney experimental pop outfit Future Love Hangover unveiled their most recent album Sincere Input; an album only available as a website.

The album was a bizarre journey that we’d happily take over and over again. So today, with the release of their new single Blue Sky (Na Na Na), we caught up with the band for a run-down on each of the album’s incredible tracks.

A month removed from the release of their website-only album Sincere Input, Sydney outfit Future Love Hangover share their new single Blue Sky (Na Na Na) and run us through each track of their album.

The Armada

A quick grab from the astral travel we did while making this record. It’s essentially there as a wake up call, letting you know this is an album that demands your attention not something to wallpaper your dinner party or study session.


This was the first track I wrote for the record… it set the tone and direction. At the time I was thinking about writing a manifesto so in a way this track turned into the manifesto for the album.

Blue Sky (Na Na Na)

Just released this as the fourth and final single off the album. Came out of a little session with Bus Vipers after a pho from Yen’s, that wagyu beef pho is where it’s at.

Side Pine

Recorded a jam with Miles on his iPad which we then edited slightly into the final arrangement. Got to play trumpet on this one and kinda glad some horn made the album.

Secret Waters

The last song written for the album. Originally there was another more down tempo tune here which made the tone of the album a little too serious. I wanted to inject some light hearted fun, so made this little guy out of scraps from the other tracks. Miles came in and laced it with some amazing noises and a classic guitar solo. It’s Ben’s favourite track on the record.

Extreme Crimpy

One of the original concepts for the record was to make Electronic Druid Music – some kind of medieval rave. For better or worse we left that concept behind but this track snuck through. Just Ben, Miles and I doing a chant… hasn’t changed from when we first recorded it.

Unspecified Place

Really blessed to have Bus Vipers and Naeem guest on this one. Feel like it marked a nice shift in tone at the half way point. And Bus straight killed it… the guy is incredible. Also honourable mention to Ben’s melodica work, which is highly enjoyable.


This is actually about a PS4 game called Everything. We were playing it around the time of working on the record. Ben’s improvised poetry in the middle came out of nowhere in the recording session when we just sent him into the booth.

Location 16

This track and the following are pretty much straight cuts from an epic improvised astral journey that I took with Ben and Miles. It took place in the bowels of the now defunct Studios 301 right before it closed down. We wanted to create a soup of sounds both musically and otherwise that the album could sit in like some kind of sonic pie floater.

Do It To Me Good

The darkest moment on the record… this really feels like the heart of darkness to me. It’s a place many of us know, but it finishes with a stunning moment of clarity with Ben playing and singing at the piano, showing that if you can come through the dark there will always be light on the other side.

Time Swims Gently

This track was placed after the ambient stuff to feel like a return to reality after the preceding tracks. The album’s most mellow moment after it’s most hectic. Jonti blessed the track with some amazing vocals. It was a pleasure to have him on the album.

Out Of Space

This track is the big finish – the top of the mountain – your reward for making it through the listening experience. It also feels like it captures the different vibes of the album in one song. Finishing with Miles, Ben and I all singing together and laughing it really summed up the beautiful time we had making the album and the great friendship that we share.


Just a little moment to catch your breath before returning to your life. Features a recording of the three of us talking about the album after our first listen through the completed masters.

Listen to sincere input here.