New psych-ish Sydney project FUTY drops Mentrioso!

FUTY – Mentiroso!

Hypnotic superfriends Cull have graced Happy’s pages quite a few times after we discovered their echoing crescendos, their psychonautic vocals and their pedalboards that rival the size of some small European countries late last year. Chumpy, the songmeister behind Cull’s noise has just started a new four letter musical project under the name FUTY (pronunciation unknown) which follows in line with Cull’s unique sound.


Cull’s Chumpy Ly has just dropped his first single as FUTY, a project that explores a more stripped back sound.

The process with FUTY is pretty well the same as with Cull, Chumpy taking on writing, recording and performing duties for the songs, and assembling a mighty rock team to reproduce it all live. The major difference between the two projects is the number of pedals used, cutting down from 20+ to about four. Written and recorded in a home studio in the quainter part of suburban Sydney, Mentiroso! is the first single from the project, showcasing new subtleties in Chumpy’s writing.

On the whole though, much of the song is very similar to Cull. At times, the breakdowns sound a little more like math and there are clear Spiderland influences in between Chumpy’s clearly inherent desire for noisy post-rock buildups. All in all though, it’s that signal breaking fuzz tone and the slowmotion drumbeat that shines through, and while it’s derivative of Chumpy’s earlier work, it’s not like that’s a bad thing at all.

Cull are one of only a handful of bands in Sydney that are doing what should be done with guitar music, and the rise of FUTY just means that there are more avenues for creativity and a real chance to create the dreamy, post-something scene that should exist in our fair city.

We will endeavour to keep you posted on all FUTY news as it comes in – in the meantime, go shoot FUTY a like on their facey and give Mentrioso! a quick DL.



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