White Caves – Dig

During a battle with insomnia in the winter of 2012, Darren Cordeux gave birth to a dream pop wonder child known as White Caves. Cordeux, who you may recognise as the front man for Kisschasy, spent months in his Melbourne home toying with his guitar, effects pedals, and tape machine, while fuelled on caffeine and beer, before White Caves finally saw the light of day.

white caves

Surprisingly deep, wall of noise stuff from White Caves, the dreamy solo project of Kisschasy frontman – we hope Dig is a suave taste of things to come for the artist.

Inspired by bands such as Spiritualized, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, and The Kinks (one of these things is not like the others!); White Caves has the ability to transport you while you listen. There is a certain kind of raw energy within the music that makes the tracks feel almost delicate, and Cordeux’s vocals are stunningly intertwined with the sweeping electronic sounds to create a full and beautiful noise. However, when you take the time to search past the haunting musical notes, you begin to realise just how deep White Caves can take you. Cordeux proves his worth as a complete musician with the stunning lyrics that build up each and every track that White Caves conceives.

After the release of the darling White Caves EP in late October and a string of live shows, White Caves released the single Dig as a free download via Bandcamp in March of this year. Mixed by Scott Horscroft, the same gentleman who has worked with Silverchair and The Presets, Dig is an exciting taste of what to expect from White Caves in the next few months. The two-track release sends a different kind of emotion through to rule the airwaves, and shows the versatility that White Caves has to offer. Dig is a little bit louder than the White Caves EP was, and takes a bit more inspiration from Cordeux’s rock flavoured past.

You can catch White Caves play a few shows down in Melbourne, the first on the 25th of April, in support of The Delta Riggs at the John Curtain.