Fyre Fest’s Andy King gets his own personalised bottle of Evian Water

Remember the Fyre Festival disaster? Where everybody was cheated out of millions of dollars due to its indescribable failure? It’s pretty impossible to forget how much of a catastrophe it actually was.

Well, do you remember the documentary about the disaster with the dude who almost gave a blowjob for some water? It turns out he just received a personalised bottle of Evian Water. No blowjob needed.

Andy King, who almost gave a blowjob to a customs official in exchange for drinkable water at Fyre Festival, is getting his own Evian Water bottle.

Andy King infamously stated that he was willing, that’s right, willing, to give a customs agent a blowjob in order to get drinkable water onto the festival’s disastrous fields. He was even referred to by the festival’s co-founder Billy McFarland as, “our wonderful gay leader”. His job really did seem to suck. All these revelations can be found in the documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened. King didn’t eventually go through with his ….job, however, Evian thought they would gift him a little something for his dedication to getting the festival to work (it didn’t).

The bottle very bluntly reads, “So good you’d do anything for it.” In his Instagram post announcing his partnership with the brand, he wrote, “Who’s thirsty!? On the one year anniversary of my doc debut, Evian Water is releasing a special bottle with a new slogan… all in honour of my infamous team spirit.” 

King is really hitting his peak after the festival’s catastrophic failure. This is in comparison to the festival’s co-founder Billy McFarland who is currently in jail, or Ja Rule, who wants to create a sequel to the original festival.

Check out the Instagram post below along with the original video describing the lengths King was willing to go to: