Game Of Thrones fan calls for season 8 re-write with plane banner

Game Of Thrones fan calls for season 8 re-write with plane banner

It would be fair to say some of us were pretty disappointed with the end of Game of Thrones. It would also be fair to say that none of us were as disappointed as this guy.

Meet Ryan Geddes, a man who was so peeved by the final season of Game of Thrones that he started a GoFundMe page to raise $695 to hire a plane that would fly over downtown Seattle, with a banner reading “SOMEONE REWRITE GAME OF THRONES SEASON 8 PLEASE“.

In only 8 days, Geddes got the money he needed, and on May 23 a plane lightly circled the city hauling the controversial banner.

Geddes later explained in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, that he initially intended the stunt to be a joke between his friends. “I made this just to send to a couple friends as a joke, not really thinking it would go anywhere, and then we hit our limit [for funding]”.

Geddes’ light-hearted gag is more indicative of a deeper fan resentment towards the rushed ending of the series, as evidenced by a petition with over a million signatories, demanding the showrunners to remake season 8.

If there is something truly meaningful to be taken from this, it is Geddes’ decision to use his internet fame, to plug Emilia Clarke’s charity. This has been entertaining, but if aggrieved fans want to send a message to HBO they should donate to instead!”

As the showrunners embark on their new project of heading the next Star Wars trilogy, one cannot help but wonder if we may see a few more planes flying banners in the sky…