Happy Mag's interview with Gavin James

Gavin James and his undying affection from old nans: We chat to the singer / songwriter before his Aussie tour

There’s something in the water in Ireland. The country seems to be producing amazing singer/songwriters at an alarming rate, and Gavin James is one of the best.

The only troubling thing about the amount of talent circulating around Ireland right now is how far it is from Australia. It’s a rare occasion that Irish musos make the trek all the way across the pond to serenade us, but James is taking the time this September. Bless him!

gavin james

We catch up with Gavin James before his Australian tour to chat different crowds, how to survive a massive tour and his undying support from old nanas.

HAPPY: Hey Gavin, how are you mate? Whereabouts are you right now?

GAVIN: I’m good, just in London at the moment doing some recordings before the tour starts.

HAPPY: You’ve got a hell of a lot of dates in the coming months. What are your tips for surviving a tour that intense?

GAVIN: Salad, not that much beer, and water . Be graaaand!

HAPPY: We’re excited to have you here for the first time! Are you excited to come down under?

GAVIN: I can’t wait! I’ve never been before and I’m excited to see everything.

HAPPY: Have you had many Aussies come to your gigs? How are they as an audience (or how do you expect us to be)?

GAVIN: I haven’t had too many Aussies in the crowd over the last few years so it will be great to see how it goes when I get there. I have loads of family in Perth so that will definitely be a fun last show!

HAPPY: Live, do you prefer to rock it up a little, or bring it down for the intimate, acoustic moments?

GAVIN: I kind of do a little bit of both with the shows – I don’t have a band for the Aussie dates so it will definitely be more acoustic.

HAPPY: Your music is loved by everyone from teenage guys to cute old nans, what kind of audience has surprised you with their support?

GAVIN: I love that! In Ireland it’s cool as well because people of all ages come to shows. It’s nice to see that the music reaches that demographic too.

HAPPY: You’ve played everything from open mics, to studio audiences, to filled out theatres. Is there a medium you think is most perfect for your music, or that you prefer?

GAVIN: I love theatre gigs! It’s nice to be able to plug out of the PA too and go completely acoustic at those gigs! I love the mad club gigs too!

HAPPY: Congrats on the home ground Platinum! America has really supported you as well, have you enjoyed the states?

GAVIN: I love it over there! The crowds over there “woooo” a lot! Which is nice. I’m heading back over there for and east coast/west coast tour in November and I can’t wait for it!

HAPPY: We hear you still get a little nervous before gigs, what’s your pre-show ritual?

GAVIN: I always get nervous! It’s all good though, they go away pretty much the second I hop on stage. I get very quiet before gigs, pace a lot and listen to some music to pump me up! Eye Of The Tiger all that stuff!

HAPPY: Did you have a sense of Bitter Pills’ success when you were writing the album?

GAVIN: It was the last song that was written on the album! I had no idea what it was going to do. I thought it was a cool song and was absolutely chuffed to see how people responded to it.

HAPPY: Have you been writing on tour? The rough schedule and lack of sleep seems to be great motivation for a lot of artists.

GAVIN: I write a good bit on tour. I usually finish off songs when I get home and have time to record and look at them properly.

HAPPY: Who are some of the upcoming Irish musicians we should be listening to?

GAVIN: My buddy Craig Gallagher is gonna be bringing out some stuff soon! He tours with me a lot and is amazing!

HAPPY: And lastly, who’s your dream collaborator, or the artist you most want to share the stage with?

GAVIN: Probably Stevie Wonder! His voice is so ridiculously good! I’ve been listening to him since I was a kid.

HAPPY: Thanks Gavin! Looking forward to seeing you when you touch down in Australia!

September 22 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane – Supported by Mick McHugh
September 23 – Plan B Small Club, Sydney – Supported by Wilder Lee
September 24 – Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne – Supported by James Franklin
September 25 – The Boston, Perth – Supported by Bryan Rice Dalton