Geoff Gates sings a universally relatable story on ‘Connecting with you’

Singer/songwriter and author, Geoff Gates has just released his second single, Connecting With You, off his upcoming album Melancholy Party.

Sydney-based singer/songwriter Geoff Gates has always kept his acoustic guitar close. Gates’s other tool is his words, which have resulted in two published novels. The artists’ knack for storytelling and music’s ability to quickly connect with a listener has inspired Gates to record a full-length – Melancholy Party.

He’s just treated us to the second single off the upcoming record, titled Connecting With You. Its lyricism and soft instrumentation culminate into an incredibly compelling folk song. Let’s discuss the tune as well as the important message behind it.

Geoff Gates

After a melancholic electric lick plays off a widely spanned bassline, Gates vocals enter alongside some expressive drums. All the instruments together sound gentle and relaxed, and yet the soundscape is filled with unique melodies and rhythms, creating a rich, complex backing to Gates’s vocals. It’s the sort of arrangement you’d hear in a Paul Kelly track.

Gates sings with a sense of earnestness and longing, reflecting the tone of the song. “I’m travelling alone, connecting with you”, he sings on the hook. It’s a clever lyric that at first sounds like a contradiction. However, as the storytelling unravels, the deeper meaning becomes more apparent.

This isn’t a physical connection to another. It’s more of a “cosmic connection”, Gates comments. If you’ve ever roamed around in your hometown, wondering how an old friend or partner from there is doing, this song is guaranteed to hit you in the gut. As the song progresses, the protagonist still hopes for a reunion with an old friend/partner. However, as the electric guitar fades away, the chance of meeting them vanishes into the distance.

Connecting With You is a song for the open road as you “dream on for better days”. For aspiring songwriters, this is a great example of compelling storytelling that matches the tones of the instrumentation. If this single indicates the quality of the upcoming album, then we’re in for a remarkable collection of folk songs.

In the meantime, listen to Connecting With You below: