Get lost in Killah, the raw and evocative new track from Frank James

New Zealand born Frank James is back with a brand new single Killah, pulled from his much anticipated debut EP Hopecity.

After recording his EP in London with producer Brendan Davies, Frank James has crafted another sultry, stripped back single that you’re going to want to hear.

Frank James’s new single Killah brings the effortlessly raw elements of indie folk together with a strong, R&B inspired beat. The end result is a slow, seductive and completely magnetic track.

If you’re a fan of the soulful, acoustic beauty of artists like Matt Corby, Hozier and James Bay, then you’re going to love the hypnotic, organic workings of Frank James.

The young artist, originally from New Zealand, is now situated in Melbourne and has announced multiple intimate shows throughout Victoria to premiere the debut.

James combines his powerful, one-of-a-kind vocal ability and simple acoustic guitar accompaniment to create an evocative track that will have you hooked from the minute you start to listen.

Speaking of the release, James shared the following.

I really wanted to emphasise the power a woman can have on you with this track, not just lyrically but sonically too. The way they can draw you in, that’s the guitar. The chaos they can cause, that’s the beat, and although you know you should leave because it just might kill you, you stay, that’s the hook.”

Frank James presents an individualised take on the indie-folk genre with Killah. The young artist manages to interweave his soulful melodies and strong percussive influences together to create a unique and truly encapsulating performance.

Hopecity EP

1. Hopecity
2. Killah
3. Superlover
4. Flesh & Bone

Upcoming Shows

September 23, Rochester Hotel, Fitzroy, VIC, Australia
September 27, The Penny Black Brunswick, VIC, Australia