Zac Eichner runs us through each track of his new EP Neversink

Last week, when Adelaide artist Zac Eichner dropped his new EP Neversink, we were immediately blown away.

Across the EP’s four tracks, Eichner crafts completely immersive slices of jazz-laden ambience that you’ll easily get lost within. So we caught up with the artist himself for an extensive run-down on each of these incredible tracks.

Fresh off the release of his incredible new EP Neversink, we caught up with Adelaide artist Zac Eichner for a complete run-down of each track.

dream, please

dream, please. is a little failed-relationship slow burner. I wrote it after going through some stuff and watching some others do the same; the typical fall out of love: get sad, think you need to bounce back with heavy alcohol and substance abuse, and turn in to a flog.

Burning every bridge and throwing everyone else under the bus in the process. It’s funny, I started writing the first verse in a really emotional state while I was visiting Tasmania.

This girl I had history with started seeing someone else and I was really upset about it, but the chorus came from when I got back to Adelaide and my mate had broken up with his missus.

He was a path of destruction and super frustrating to be around. It was hard to deal with because I was like “dude, I know exactly what you’re going through but, stop being a dickhead.” Then when you have that out of body experience and watch yourself turn in to that dickhead, it’s the worst.


Lucy is about that completely indescribable relationship you have with that one person that’s miles away and you only see every few years. But every time you see them everything goes back to how it used to be.

Then when you have to leave them again you’re stuck in this void trying to figure out if you’re in love or not. It’s cliche but the hook has no lyrics because I couldn’t find the words to describe this one person in particular, only the feeling I have with her & away from her.

That lengthy plane ride and every other time.

FYI, her name’s not Lucy either. I couldn’t name the song after her, that’d be too obvious and embarrassing. So I named it after this heaps cute, annoying dog we were hanging out with one time, forgetting that it might be offensive giving her that pseudonym.


A friend told me about a town called Neversink, NY. Basically, New York City built a huge reservoir so the people of Manhattan could keep up with their need for water.

It inevitably flooded the town, destroying homes, schools, cemeteries and everything in between; the town’s name is ironic and the story is really sad, but for some reason it left me with this weird sense of hope.

That no matter how much water sits on top of it, due to ignorance or the selfish act of another, Neversink is still there. No matter how difficult it may be in a situation, no matter where I am, I’ll always find comfort in that constant support and presence of the people that are truly important to me.

It’s a cyclical feeling, my love for you is profound. We are Neversink, we’ll never drown.”

I wrote that line coming out of a really dark place, and I have certain, beautiful people; people that don’t understand what may be wrong or people that embrace my music regardless of their artistic or social background to thank for helping me out of that place.

Thanks to Time & Valleys Museum for the image of Neversink from their collection.

Black Birds

Black Birds is a collaborative piece with some of the best Adelaide artists I know. I wanted us all to come together and create an ode for the artists we’ve lost over time, particularly those through mental health issues.

It’s a reminder that what we do is really important and can have an impact on us and those who listen.

It was an absolute honour to work alongside Anthony Janus, Naomi Keyte, Wallis Prophet (W.M.N), Kirby Richards & Jack Degenhart (Hartway) to create something great, that I’m really proud of.

We all came together for 12 hours at Wizard Tone Studios to make Black Birds. We’ll be releasing a documentary on the creation of the song later this year, captured by Jordan Crilly & Marco Paulo.