Get ready to groove on Enough To Believe, the hypnotising new track from Bob Moses

Vancouver based, Grammy Award winning duo Bob Moses are back with another hypnotising single, Enough To Believe, from their much anticipated upcoming album Battle Lines, due September 14th.

The new single brings the same entrancing fusion of minimalist electronica and classic rock elements we’ve loved seeing from the duo since their debut in 2012.

Bob Moses Enough To Believe

Bob Moses’ Enough To Believe encompasses the enticing ambience of dancefloor music and moody rock into a completely spellbinding narrative of reflection.

Enough To Believe follows their lead single, Back Down, which bore the same captivating fusion of danceable yet emotionally provocative tones into a brilliant track that anyone from EDM to classic rock lovers would groove to.

It seems to be these next-level blends of rock, pop and dance music that are capturing everyone’s attention – as they should. Enough To Believe encompasses the Canadian duo’s perfect synthesis of these elements.

Enough To Believe presents a seemingly intimate moment of self-reflection that echoes the sentiments expressed by the duo on their upcoming album Battle Lines.

“This record is about the battles and struggles we all live through, battles within ourselves, battles with and within our society, battles between each other, with our loved ones, battles between ideologies.”

“It’s also about struggling to identify where those battles lines start and end, and what within us and within our environments cause these struggles, and ultimately cause our suffering. It’s also about the struggle to reconcile with those things, somehow.”

Check out Bob Moses ’s enthralling new release below.


1. Heaven Only Knows
2. Battle Lines
3. Back Down
4. Eye For An Eye
5. The Only Thing We Know
6. Nothing But You
7. Enough To Believe
8. Listen To Me
9. Selling Me Sympathy
10. Don’t Hold Back
11. Fallen From Your Arms