Getting to know The Lenores

Just in case you’re not already across it… two weeks back, Sydney outfit The Lenores dropped their latest single Scouse. It’s the latest in a string of consistently great releases from the band, and we’ve had it spinning on repeat since we first laid ears on it.

So fresh off the track’s release, we caught up with the band to chat about the pressing issues…

With an epic new single hot off the press, we caught up with Sydney outfit The Lenores to chat about all the topics that matter.

Okay, so let’s start with the hard-hitting questions first, what’s your favourite track off Groan?

JAMES: Well, I wrote all of the songs on that EP, so I think it’s unfair to name a favourite. However, most people talk to us about Glencoe St at shows so I guess they like that one.

SLADE: Pronoia. I really dig that Silverchair vibe it lets off.

DANNY: Loathe. It starts off with a mad bass riff and has excellent dynamics throughout.

SUNNY: I really have a soft spot for Killer. It’s a fun song to both listen to and perform, which is kinda weird considering that it started out as my least favourite track on the EP.

You’ve been playing a lot of shows for the past year, do you have a favourite venue to play at?

SLADE: The Illawarra Music Foundry is pretty sweet. Followed by the Hideaway Bar in Enmore.

SUNNY: For me, it’s definitely The Lansdowne in Sydney. It’s where I discovered some of my favourite bands such as Totty, Gooch Palms, Crocodylus, and Peter Bibby. North Gong Hotel is probably a close second.

DANNY: I don’t think I have a favourite, I like all venues. Anywhere which offers live music is a pretty awesome place!

JAMES: Anywhere with a funky green room, that’s where I’m happy. We recently played a gig at the Botany View Hotel in Newtown. The green room’s fridge was filled to the brim with booze. Jackpot!

That’s a solid list of venues! Do you have any memorable or funny band moments that stick out the most?

DANNY: Opening for Philadelphia Grand Jury this past April at The Lansdowne. It was such a magnificent show as the crowd were very energetic and were into every set!

SLADE: I’m still the new dude, haha! But so far I reckon it’s all been a pretty memorable experience – Just enjoying the ride!

SUNNY: It’s a long story, but mine has to be when I accidentally checked into a gay spa when we played in Melbourne early this year. Feel free to ask me about it after a gig.

JAMES: I really enjoyed covering Nirvana’s Pennyroyal Tea during our single launch with Cahli Blakers from SA’s Teenage Joans. It’s not so often that I have a chance to get behind a drum kit on a big stage. Other than that, I think being together after our set is always great, it is always good to be able to chat afterwards were we can completely disconnect as bandmates and begin to connect as close mates who are enjoying life and doing what we love!

Who’s your favourite Aussie band currently playing? (Other than yourselves…)

SLADE: TOWNS from SA have me very intrigued lately. I love their sound, it’s a throwback to early-2000s pop-punk. I dig it!

JAMES: I’ll say it straight up – Space Boys are the best live band in this country. I haven’t seen a better live set from anyone else.

DANNY: Definitely Jet for me. I was so stoked when they announced their reformation a few years ago. I’ve seen them twice and was in the front row both times!

SUNNY: Gosh, that’s a tough one. Firstly, I’ve recently taken a shine to Pandamic from QLD. I saw them play last month at the Chippo and they did a killer version of Rock Lobster! Peter Bibby is also one of my favourite contemporary artists, I’d even go as far as to say that he’s the Paul Kelly of our generation. Change my mind, haha!

Nice! Do The Lenores have any interesting pre-show ritual/routines?

JAMES: Just my vocal warm-ups, sometimes I play the guitar but my main focus is making sure my voice is okay for yelling at everyone.

DANIEL: I don’t really have any so I usually watch the other bands performing on stage.

SLADE: You can find me tapping on everything within my vicinity and bouncing off excess energy.

SUNNY: I cant really say that I do. I’m usually watching the bands playing before us, drinking a couple of beers and doing some fretboard exercises… and making sure to pee before our set, haha!

Nothing like a beer or two before a set! What’s your bevvy of choice?

SUNNY: Yeah, I’ve had my fair share of beers. But I still find Melbourne Bitter to be the perfectly balanced one. Yeah, I know it’s not a fancy craft beer, but neither am I.

SLADE: It’s gotta be Furphy’s Refreshing Ale, of course!

DANNY: I usually stick with the water. But I don’t mind a VB every once in a while.

JAMES: Melbourne Bitter, nuff said.

The Lenores have a pretty menacing track on Groan called Killer, who’s your favourite horror villain (and why)?

JAMES: Michael Myers is great because he seems unlikable most of the time. Other than that, I think that Bill Skarsgård did an outrageous job as Pennywise.

SLADE: Pyramid Head. He was literally born in the dark side the human mind. If that isn’t the definition of “menacing” then I don’t know what is!

DANNY: Not a big horror movie buff, I’m sorry. We can talk about sci-fis though.

SUNNY: Jason Voorhees, hands down. Not too sure why, but something about a misunderstood, silent, 6’6, machete-wielding psycho seems pretty cool. I actually dressed up as Jason for a Halloween party last year. I went all out with the costume!

If you guys could choose to spend a day with any human (alive or dead) who would it be and where would you take them?

SUNNY: Kurt Cobain for sure. I’d take him to our producer Jayden KV’s studio and have him record some more Nirvana songs. Am I being too selfish? Maybe, haha!

SLADE: My grandfather, we’d go on a road trip around Australia as he always wanted to do.

JAMES: Franz Kafka would be a very interesting dinner guest – I feel like we share a similar world view.

DANNY: Any Star Wars character, I’d take them to a galaxy far, far away!

Nice! So finally, what’s next for The Lenores and what do you want to tell your fans?

JAMES: Thanks for the love, thanks for being apart of our sets and we really appreciate all the kind words we get. As for what’s next, The Lenores are just going to keep delivering an awesome live show and shredding it in the studio.

SLADE: Many, many shows along with lots of high fives and cool surprises to come. Love you all!

DANNY: A big thank you to everybody who has supported us so far! We’ve got some mad announcements coming real soon, so make sure to stay in the loop by following our socials. We’re on every platform, except Twitter for some reason…

SUNNY: Anyone calling themselves “The Lenores” on twitter is a big, fat, phoney, haha! Seriously though, first and foremost, thanks for the support, guys. Not everyone has believed in us and the fact that we’re sky rocketing in such a short time is a testament to how dedicated we have been to the band. What’s in store for The Lenores in 2020? New music and a lot of gigs. Hopefully we can get a track spun on national radio (the one with the red drum *wink wink*) and perform at a festival. Also give us an ARIA! Is that too much to ask for?

Scouse is available now. Listen below:

The Lenores also have a full-length album set to come this January. Keep your eyes peeled.