Glastonbury Festival to ban all single use plastic bottles

In 2017, punters attending Glastonbury festival used 1.3 million single-use plastic bottles. That’s roughly 10 bottles per person over the 4-day event. Over the almost 50 years the festival has been running, it’s become almost as well known for its waste as it has for its headliners. 

Well in 2019, organisers have decided to change that. For this year’s event, Glastonbury organisers have made the decision to not sell single-use plastic bottles. According to co-organiser Emily Eavis, the move has been in discussion over 2018, taking advantage of their year off.


Glastonbury is known for drawing mass crowds, and mass rubbish. So attempting to battle waste, this year Glastonbury are banning single-use plastic

“We have been working on this during the year off… We are tackling drinking bottles at the moment, water bottles … and we are encouraging people to bring their own reusable bottle but there will also be reusable bottles available on site.” Eavis said

This is a great step forward in becoming a cleaner world. With millions of plastic bottles ending up in the oceans each year, cutting out Glastonbury’s 1 million should put a pretty decent dent in that number. Festivals can create masses of non-compostable or recyclable waste each year. So with more festivals going plastic free, we can hope to become a more plastic free culture. 

Via The Guardian