God of War PC: how to play it now, and will an official port happen?

An official God of War PC port would unquestionably make a lot of people very happy. However, considering Sony’s history with exclusives, it is by no means guaranteed to happen. Luckily, we’ve figured out a potential work around.

People have been calling out for a God of War PC port since the acclaimed game was released back in 2018. Unfortunately, these calls appear to have fallen on the ears of a rather unsympathetic, yet for this purpose relatively powerful, deity: Sony. If only we could convince Kratos to turn on these creators, right?

Few understand the power of the console exclusive like Sony does, and over the years they have proved critical to the success of the Japanese company’s PlayStation consoles. Titles such as Bloodborne, Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn (until recently), and Ghost of Tsushima have all been instrumental in getting gamers to choose PlayStation over their competitors.

god of war pc
Image: God of War / Santa Monica Studio

The good news is that Sony have recently shown signs of relaxing their long held position regarding exclusives, particularly in regards to PC ports. In 2020 we saw Horizon Zero Dawn make its way to PC, despite the fact that Sony held all the cards.

So does that mean a God of War PC port is now an eventuality rather than an impossibility? The truth is that we just don’t know, and anyone online that says otherwise is almost certainly full of shit.

That said, while the path to an official God of War PC port remains unclear, there is an alternative for those willing to tread the path less travelled. What are these riddles through which I speak? Listen child, let me tell you about… ok, I got a little carried away there.

I’ll relax the whole ‘mystical seer’ routine and get to the point: you can play God of War on PC through the PlayStation Now app.

god of war pc
Image: God of War / Santa Monica Studio

How to play God of War on PC using PlayStation Now

First thing’s first, I should probably explain what PlayStation Now is. PlayStation Now is an app that allows gamers to play their PlayStation games through a number of different platforms, including one’s PC. It is essentially a cloud streaming service that you have to pay for.

Before we go any further though there is an important caveat to this information – PlayStation Now is only available in the following countries; Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK and USA.

kratos sad
Image: God of War / Santa Monica Studio

There are reports that you can successfully use the PlayStation Now app outside of these countries. However, to do so would require a PlayStation Network account from one of the above countries, as well as a VPN that is capable of masking your IP address so that it appears it is coming from the same country.

Even if all of these conditions are met there is no guarantee it will work well, as there are reports that this method can cause extra lagging. Is it worth it? It all depends how desperate you are to play God of War on PC right now.

If you choose to go ahead with this technique then a PlayStation Now subscription will cost you either $9.99 USD a month or $59.99 USD a year. With the cost of this subscription you gain access to a library of games – some of which are permanent fixtures, some of which sub in and out. Importantly for those wanting to play God of War on PC, it is a ‘ongoing access’ title.

So there you have it, if you are prepared to sign the contract, and persevere through some probable lag, then proceed. For those that wish to hold out for an official God of War PC port, read on.

playstation now
Image: PlayStation Store

An official PC port

Let’s start things off on a positive note. The good news is that the idea of an official God of War PC port has support from some people in high places. Cory Balrog, the game’s director and story writer, confirmed through a Twitter post that he would love to see it happen.

Unfortunately, he was also quick to point out that “it is, sadly, a decision far above my paygrade”.

Other than that little tidbit, there really isn’t much to go on. There have been a few rumours that gained some traction in online forums, although none of them have stood up to much scrutiny.

The best indicator that we have regarding God of War coming to PC is how Sony handled bringing Horizon Zero Dawn to PC in 2020. The two games share similar standings in Sony’s list of exclusives, and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to stipulate they could be treated similarly.

horizon forbidden west
Screenshot: Horizon Forbidden West / Guerrilla Games

Bringing Horizon Zero Dawn to PC coincided with Sony’s plans to drum up more anticipation for Horizon Forbidden West, likely with the motive of creating more series fans that could be convinced to purchase a PlayStation console when the sequel is released. It would appear to be a solid strategy that maximises profits from each exclusive title, as well as feeding into their primary objective of selling more consoles.

God of War could well be used in a similar way; serving as a primer to reignite interest for the fifth instalment in the God of War series. It would make a certain amount of strategic sense, but that doesn’t mean it will actually happen.

If we do, however, get some concrete information regarding an official God of War PC port, rest assured this page will be updated quick smart.

Update (September 17): Nvidia GeForce Now leak

A leaked list of games that are not yet supported on Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service has led to speculation that a God of War PC port is on its way. The rationale is that a game that’s listed as currently unsupported on a PC platform must be eventually coming to PC. It’s not an unreasonable position, but there have already been denials regarding a number of the titles on the list.

Nvidia have also responded to the leak, calling the list “speculative“.