Gold Diggers Club release hedonistic new single Check In

Gold Diggers Club unveil nihilistic masterpiece ‘Check In,’ redefining modern Hip Hop with creative rhymes and lush production.

A lavish take on extravagant hotel experiences, Gold Diggers Club emulate the likes of Migos with their nihilistic new release Check In. Rife with creative and brazen rhymes, the bilingual track is a perfect fit for the current hip hop and trap musical landscape

The group deliver their verses over a tight hi-hat and snare groove; modulating their voices and tones to match the squealing synths that roam in the background of the track. Driven by a repetitive keyboard progression, Check In pays great homage to its modern hip hop predecessors in its production and content.

Gold Diggers Club

Gold Diggers Club feel like veterans of the genre, conveying their take on the style with finesse while still mining the style for its roots. 

Kwai, RJ, Cooee Chad, and Li Woo, lifelong comrades and musical maestros, together form an unbreakable bond that symbolizes unwavering determination and an unwavering commitment to staying true.

Their infectious energy, magnetic stage presence, and an unmatched sonic tapestry make Gold Diggers Club an epitome of hip hop’s pulsating life force, embracing its timeless spirit while fearlessly forging a unique trail in today’s musical panorama.

Their harmonious synergy is a celebration of resilience and a shining beacon of hip hop’s indomitable vitality.

Money, sex and more money. Gold Diggers Club tackle these traditional hip hop themes with a confidence that solidifies them in their scene. The group present as having exacted the formula to produce a near perfect representation of a modern hip hop track – their production techniques flawless in their imitation.

Gold Diggers Club offer a sense of assurance; both in what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. There is no weak link in the Club, each artist delivers his verse uniquely and powerfully, though with a sense of ease and confidence, as if all of this is just second nature. 

The chorus of Check In is undoubtedly catchy. It moves languidly, though encourages a desire to move along with it. It’s a seamless process, to sink into Check In. Gold Diggers Club make sure that there is plenty to fall back against, and always more to explore. Sonically, Check In is undemanding.

Potentially deceitful, the track is more densely layered and expertly produced than may appear on first listen. This in itself is an accomplishment. Check In is so familiar in its creation that it slots effortlessly into our listening habits and experiences, a gem waiting to be overturned and examined amongst all others. 

Gold Diggers Club solidify themselves with Check In, as a hip hop group with no hesitation of where to place their next steps. Listen to Check In below. 

Review by Caitlin Norris