Got any bitcoin lying around? You’re probably a low key millionaire

Remember that 20 buckaroos you spent on Bitcoin way back when? Time to find your old passwords, you may be a millionaire.

So if you were kind of an online crim back in 2010 and frequently skipped along Silk Road you are probably familiar with Bitcoin.

Created by a programmer in 2008, Bitcoin refers to a crazy secure peer-to-peer payment system, similar to conventional B-Pay or PayPal… but for less than legal goods sold on the internet.


The currency is collected by an exchange in a similar way to foreign currency, or is mined by a computer with an exceptional capability to crunch the numbers in order to earn dollar bills. This method was reserved for extremely lucrative companies who could afford the software.

But in recent times the value of Bitcoin has absolutely skyrocketed, so much so that if you have purchased $120 worth in 2010 you would now be sitting on a comfortable $97 Million.

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