Grace Fuller runs through the gear that soundtracks her career

Grace Fuller sifts through her gear, from a game-changing stompbox to a guitar that reflects ultimate craftsmanship.

Grace Fuller laid bare the complexities of romance on Lovers, a guitar-driven ballad that arrived last month and marked the singer-songwriter’s debut single.

While vulnerable lyricism and powerful vocals are the major drawcard of the track, Fuller pairs these strengths with an immersive soundscape, to the point where we just had to discover the tools used to create Lovers. 

Grace Fuller single 'Lovers'

Below, the burgeoning artist swings by Happy Mag for a complete gear rundown of the gadgets that have soundtracked her career, from a pedal that serves as “an extension of my musical creativity” to the one tool that’s “a game changer for any soloist.”

Check out Grace Fuller’s complete gear rundown below, and scroll down to listen to her stellar new single Lovers. 

As a solo performer, the pursuit of the perfect sound is a never-ending adventure. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to experiment with a variety of sound gear to bring my performances to new levels.

TC Helicon Harmony Singer Harmoniser Pedal

This little pedal is an extension of my musical creativity. Blending my Guitar chords and vocal pitch, it creates harmonies that resonate with my style.

I usually opt for a third above my vocals, but the pedal offers more variety including lower harmonies. I love this pedal because I can also select the levels of the mix, and it can be completely battery operated which is great for outdoor gigs.


For over five years, I have been using the Boss RC30 Loop Station. I absolutely love the versatility I have at gigs when I use it. The RC30 allows me to loop any track, and record up to 3 hours of direct internal memory.

Looping my vocals is one of my favourite things to do, as it enhances the overall mood and vibe of the song. I also use the RC30 to loop my Guitar every now and then, creating some intricate guitar melodies.

This is another outdoor gig champion thanks to its battery operation option. This pedal is probably my personal favourite, as it allows me to effortlessly experiment with my sound.

Logjam Prolog Stompbox

The Logjam Prolog Stompbox is a game changer for any soloist. Powered through a single output jack (perfect for outdoor gigs), this bassy powerhouse adds a new depth to my performances.

It’s an easy one for mixing, as it has an overall good tone and transitions my music from day to night in an instant.

Maton Performer Slimline 808

Among my prized possessions, my Maton Performer Guitar takes centre stage. I love Maton’s in general- primarily due to the overall tone & craftsmanship – plus they’re made in Australia which is a necessity given our climate.

My slimline is the perfect size, offering comfort and a distinct sound. This Guitar has become my go-to for weekend performances, getting compliments for its exceptional sound almost every time.