Grace Tame slammed ScoMo for what he said to her after AOTY speech

Grace Tame rightfully called out Scomo for an insensitive comment he made after her Australian of the Year acceptance speech.

Grace Tame went on popular news podcast Betoota Advocate just yesterday and spoke about an insensitive comment Scomo made to her after her speech.

She said Scomo “leant over and right in my ear he goes ‘Well, gee, I bet it felt good to get that out.'”

Scott Morrison won't shoot women
Image: SBS News

Tame was rightfully critical of Scomo who has a history of putting his foot in his mouth. He addressed her comments in Parliament yesterday saying he couldn’t “recall the exact words” he used.

Regardless, he emphasised that his response seemed accurate and stood by his sentiment. Seems like Scomo’s empathy coaching isn’t working.

Tame also went on to criticise Assistant Minister for Woman, Amanda Stoker, who previously supported infamous men’s rights activist, Bettina Arndt – the journalist who interviewed Grace Tame’s abuser.

She said that Stoker is unfit for her position as she: “aligned herself with this person who’s enabled that sort of culture and so I just, I don’t think that she’s the adequate person for the job.”

Tame then elaborated that: “It’s not that I don’t want to sit down and put differences aside… but I believe that paedophilia is an absolute wrong, right? And if you don’t absolutely oppose it, you therefore condone it.

Stoker had apparently reached out to Tame via Instagram DM’s which were left unseen.

I think we need to lay off Morrison re his snide remark to Grace Tame after her speech. That was in late January, whereas we now know he didn’t know rape was bad until Jenny told him to imagine if it was his daughters in mid February

— Social Kristancing (@DesignedToFade) May 24, 2021