Grayson Gilmour – Infinite Life!

Okay so the latest offering from Wellington musician Grayson Gilmour is his fifth solo record, Infinite Life!. It’s one that he has whipped up in between So So Modern band duties, frolicking in the film word, creating soundtracks, hanging out at Red Bull Academy… Day to day tasks really.

grayson gilmour

New Flying Nun addition Grayson Gilmour has released his loopy, moody album number 5, Infinite Life!

Being a one man project, Gilmour uses a lot of layering to achieve the alternative sound he calls his own. An effortless arrangement of multi-instruments, vocals and some sampling work. It leaves you feeling colourful and disorientated, but in such a nice way. His vocals are soft and floaty, but not in a way that leaves them lost in the tunes. Just lying over the top, wrapped in a cosy blanket style.

Minus Times Infinity is a personal favourite track, and one of the more upbeat of the record. The changes of pace on this album keep it intriguing and so moreish. Also, because any song that makes me want to do a little bit of limb throwing that coincidentally has a film clip that contains actual limbs being thrown, gets my vote. Plus, IS THAT A DRAGON? Badass. Maybe the BBC like dragons (or possible dinosaurs) too, including the clip in their Music Video Festival late last year.



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