Watch Greg Brady cooked AF on the set of ‘The Brady Bunch’

It turns Barry Williams, the actor who played Greg Brady in The Brady Bunch, rocked up to a shoot while he was absolutely ripped.

Everyone remembers the sickly sweet Brady Bunch family from the 70s.

However, it turns out that the cast and crew weren’t as innocent as their five-season runtime might suggest.

Brady Bunch
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Scandals of closeted gay actors, and behind the scenes shagging between ‘mothers and sons’ became notorious in the TV world.

However, one piece of gold that stood the test of time is when Barry Williams, the actor who played Greg Brady, rocked up to a shoot after getting high on the jazz cabbage.

In a reunion discussion from 2014, Williams talked about being offered a “new sort of cigarette thing” from some friends on what was supposed to be a day off from shooting.

Of course, Williams smoked some of this new fangled marijuana but then got a surprise call to report to set for filming.

“I was having a ball,” Williams said while recalling coming onto the set high.

While he was having fun jumping around erratically to get “creative” before filming started, he panicked and froze up once the camera’s started rolling.

In the video, you can see his panic-stricken face, bloodshot eyes and increasingly awkward hand movements, as he attempts to remember his lines, culminating in the now-iconic, “far…out”.

During the reunion, Williams quipped that since then, he “just stays sober” since he’s a better actor when he’s not faded.