Groove Lagoon serve up a spaghetti western-infused garage rock banger on ‘Chain Reaction’

New Zealand’s Groove Lagoon and their genre-bending brilliance are back with their first single for 2020.

You can always count on Groove Lagoon to bring something fresh, considered, and utterly addictive to the table. Although no two of their songs are the same, the New Zealand four-piece will always deliver a totally visionary blend of genre.

Their latest single, Chain Reaction, is the garage-rock banger that audiences have been waiting for. Boasting addictive riffs, a luscious bass line, and a chorus that will melt your heart, the track hits you with momentum from the start, before ebbing and flowing through different notes and sonic textures.

groove lagoon

In the band’s own words, Chain Reaction is influenced by the earthy hues of the wild west and western films. This comes through via a stroke of genius, giving the track a quintessential western rawness, not through overdone soundbites, but through gritty garage-rock.

You’d think that the punchy riffs and air-tight rhythms of garage-rock are where the band feel most comfortable, but a look at their catalogue shows that’s certainly not true. From psych-rock to pop, Groove Lagoon serve up slabs of genre-bending brilliance every single time, and this new single is certainly no exception. Each song is refined and highlights the magnitude of their sonic versatility.


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“Chain Reaction was a song came about during the first NZ lockdown, drawing inspiration from western films and spaghetti guitar style riffs,” the band’s bio reads. “The songs touches base on the struggles of dealing with criticism and the neigh-sayers that come at you in life. Learning to harness it all together and turn it into something positive.”

Chain Reaction is pure sonic mastery. From beginning to end, Groove Lagoon have killed it in every possible way, making us very excited for what’s in store from the band.

Check out the single below: