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Gus & Jim evoke feelings of the past on new single Rushing Through My Veins

Imagine you’re a young band from Canberra. You release your debut single, and suddenly you wake up one morning to find it’s gone to number one on Dutch radio.

This was a reality for Canberra indie-rock duo Gus & Jim when they released their debut single Boyhood last year. The song was subsequently voted 5th best song of the year in the Netherlands for 2015.

Rushing Through My Veins, the latest single from Canberra duo Gus and Jim, is a delicate and reflective piece of indie folk-rock that will evoke your happiest moments.

Well, the duo are back with another impressive track that I’m sure Aussies will love just as much as the Dutch.

The new song Rushing Through My Veins is a delicate and stirring slice of indie folk-rock that guarantees to evoke some serious memories from your youth.

The boys’ airy vocals reflect off one another to create a shimmering, slow burning track that I’m sure will stick with you for some time.

The song’s accompanying video sees the duo return to their old high school, bask in the sun, and visit various points around their city. The entire clip has a feeling of warm reflection that will brighten your day.

Do yourself a favour and watch the clip for Rushing Through My Veins above.


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May 23, 2018

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