GUSH share a guide to their local Heavy Shoegaze music scene

GUSH fka Paper Tapir give us the lowdown on Melbourne’s heavy shoegaze scene, ahead of their single launch show at Cherry Bar this weekend.

Melbourne-based indie/alt-rock collective, GUSH blew us away with their debut single release, Functional earlier this month. Influenced by the enormous guitar rock of the ’90s, GUSH have forged their own sound through triumphant fuzzed-out guitar, melodic bass lines and huge hooks that permeate throughout their music.

Occupying a space between Melbourne’s punk, indie, and alternative scenes, the band blends songs about everyday life with an emotionality that makes you want to dance and cry. Now, ahead of their celebratory show this Saturday night/Sunday morning at Cherry Bar, the fast-rising foursome unveil the local and influential bands they’ve found themselves in the orbit of during the last 12 months, as they delve deeper into the emerging heavy shoegaze, post-rock scene.

Credits: Zosia Slifirski Duckett (@Zosia.sd) | Liam Van Der Vlist (@Liamvandervlist)

“What’s really exciting about this scene to me is how it is bringing heavier music into the public eye in creative and authentic ways,” say GUSH. “I think it’s reshaping people’s perception of what heavier music can bring to us. It has the power to be more than aggressive  – it can be emotional, cathartic, sad, despairing, triumphant, and joyous.”

The band continue, “Bands like Ambur, The World at a Glance, and Adore aren’t afraid to take risks and push musical boundaries, with notes of hardcore and post-rock in their music.”

They add, “Armlock, Garage Sale, Blue Vedder, and Nineteen Ninety Hate lean into harmonically emotional songwriting, and have fuzzy heartwarming flavours. Silurian and Propane are both darker in their sonic aesthetic, with punchy drums and melodious guitars.”

For GUSH, seeing these acts live post-COVID lockdowns has been “a well-earned reprieve,” as they’ve drawn inspiration from their “explorations of harsher, sad, and honest themes, with tenderness and vulnerability.”

GUSH is playing a 1am show at Cherry Bar, Melbourne this Saturday, Sept 17. Entry $10, more info here. Doors at 11pm.