Gush drops ’90s rock inspired single ‘Functional’

Functional is the latest single by Gush that explores discontent in a comfortable mundane life.

Taking influence from the colossal existence of ‘90s guitar rock, Gush has hammered out a sound of their own. Through frizzy yet conquering guitars, bass lines that carry melodic overtones, and vigorous hooks that penetrate through their music onto the other side, Functional is a rememberable listening experience. 

Their style of music dances between Melbourne Shoegaze, indie, and alternative scenes as the band intertwines their songs about everyday life with an emotional complexity that makes you feel like you want to both dance and cry. Why not both!

Flower photoshoot Gush
Credit: Gush- Functional art

Functional begins treading with intimacy and caution, through a stripped-back, raw and bare self-reflective sulk (which can be much needed when we’re getting introspective) about the reality of mortality and the regret of missed opportunities.

The lyrics are brutally honest fragments of feelings expressed perfectly in a pondering vocal tone. Louis Smith opened up about how feelings of being stagnant and engaging in life in a repetitive and non-spontaneous way lead to serious discontentment and he channeled these struggles into Functional

“Functional’ is a song about how discontented I was in the comfortability and mundanity of my early adulthood. Nothing seemed exciting and new, and because of that I began to constantly compare myself to others that seemed to be having a better time than me (whatever that means).” 

The bass calmly strolls alongside the vocals, like a friend who’s staying by your side during a difficult time, when you’re feeling lost and stuck. The layered soprano vocals, bring in a soft and warm tone to the despair that Smith has been drowning in.

It retaliates to the melodic depressive confusion in a gentle and smooth tone. The drums come into the foreground more prominently as the song goes on and picks up the mood. It gives off that feeling when you push through the lack of will to go on when you “don’t know what to do”

Each new section of the track is introduced with a progressive layering of the band and all it encompasses. The presence of the whole band in the outro, creates the space for listeners to release anything that needs to be let go and to revel in a stronger sense of freedom.

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Credit: Gush

In three minutes, you’ll be able to appreciate the emotional depth, the dynamic gusto, and the layered textural atmosphere that the band has produced through Functional.

It’s just dropped, so get your earholes ready for this banger. Check out their Soundcloud for the single release today.

Gush art
Credit: Gush Functional single art