Happy’s Playlist for Queen Elizabeth II

With Britain set to ring in the midday bells for a full hour tomorrow, turn up your speaker and celebrate the late great Queen in your own way.

As we take a moment to honour the late beloved Queen Elizabeth this weekend and reflect on the impact her reign has had over the commonwealth, we thought we would put together a little soundtrack honouring the longest-serving monarch in Britain, with a bit of love in the form of a good banger.

Admittedly, the Queen may well have had other ideas about what a good banger actually is, given she had a penchant for a good old classy cheek-to-cheek, via Fred Astaire, and the WW2 classic The White Cliffs Of Dover, by Vera Lynn. 

Credit: NDTV

We get the feeling she wouldn’t mind our top ten songs, after all, she inspired some of the biggest songs in history and probably had a good chuckle over the Pistols God Save The Queen, and the Smiths The Queen is Dead. 

We raise our hats and bid you farewell dear Queen Elizabeth. There’s nothing left to say except press play: