Feeling nostalgic? This site will generate you the perfect ’90s rock festival

Feeling nostalgic for a festival? Looking to escape back to a time where live music could be enjoyed with thousands of other people? Well, count your lucky stars because we’ve found just the thing.

The creator of the website Monkeon has designed a ‘90s Festival Generator that uses data from vintage concert posters to gift you a fake, yet amazing, lineup, archival gig footage included. The generator then uses information from Spotify to list artists according to popularity. Featured bands include Beck, Nirvana, New Order, Fatboy Slim, Weezer, and many more.

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Photo: Monkeon

The ’90s Festival Generator brings you the music festival lineup of your reminiscent dreams, complete with archival gig footage.

Sparked from a YouTube deep-dive, each band listed in the mock lineups contain links that will take you directly to recorded ’90s footage of the artists playing live. There’s nothing like enjoying a 30-year-old gig from the safety of your living room. Still not completely satisfied with what has been thrown together for you? That’s cool, just click “generate another festival” at the bottom of the screen until you come across one that you feel like dancing to.

The ’90s Festival Generator is presented to you by Middle-Aged Nostalgia and Twitter user Rico Monkeon, the creator of such projects as Guess my IMDB Rating” and “Stupid Jukebox.”

The website is completely free to use and gives music listeners a much-needed live music fix while we (not so) patiently wait for shows to resume.

Give it a whirl here.