This website tells you what the #1 single was on the day you were born

The day you were born. It’s a mystery for all of us, and yet, it marks the very significant moment we abruptly hurtled into the world and began this thing we like to call life.

Have you ever wondered what the weather was like that day? What the hell was happening in the world? Or, most importantly, which song was blaring out of every radio around the world?

number one song, day you were born

Take a trip down nostalgia’s ill-fashioned lane with this website that tells you the song that was killing it in the charts on the day you were born.

If you’re ever wondered which song was dominating the charts on the exact day you were born – you’re in luck. Like most things nowadays, there’s a website that’ll tell you exactly that.

Now if the reason you’re wondering is because you’re doing some much-needed soul-searching, let me stop you right there. The website does not offer any deeper meaning as to why Céline Dion‘s The Power of Love was #1 on your b-day. It just was.

It’s certainly no justification to go stalk your old high school sweetheart on Instagram and rekindle your love. Please, do not instigate any sudden life changes based on this new-found information.

But still, it’s kind of cool to imagine the song that was hovering on the outskirts of everybody’s mind on the day you were born.

Once you’ve checked your birthday song, don’t have to stop there. What about your graduation day? The day you were brutally dumped? Your pet turtle’s birthday?

Head over to playback.fm to get started.

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