Gwen Stefani says singing old No Doubt songs makes her “almost throw up”

“I almost throw up in my mouth,” Gwen Stefani said of performing No Doubt’s hit tracks like Ex-Girlfriend.

Ahead of the much-anticipated reunion of No Doubt at Coachella this April, former founder Gwen Stefani has discussed her reaction while rehearsing the band’s old catalogue.

Speaking during a Audacy Check-In interview about reforming the beloved rock group, Stefani said she almost vomits while performing songs like Ex-Girlfriend, since they occupy an emotional place in her life. 

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“I can’t listen to a lot of songs because they speak so clearly to me,” Stefani said. “When I do Ex-Girlfriend, when I [sing] it, I almost throw up in my mouth because I just know exactly where I was at the moment to write that song.”

“It brings you right back.” Ex-Girlfriend was the lead single lifted from No Doubt’s fourth studio album ​​Return of Saturn, released in 2000. 

No Doubt announced plans for a long-awaited reunion in January, following their appearance on the 2024 lineup for Coachella.

It will mark the first time the group has performed together since 2015, with their most recent album, Push & Shove, arriving way back in 2012.

Further elaborating the reunion, Stefani said the band has not yet discussed plans beyond their Coachella set, but that they’re nonetheless “so excited.”

“[We] haven’t really figured out the next steps of how they’re going to do this”, Stefani said. Stefani enjoyed an illustrious solo career during the band’s hiatus, spawning smash hits like What You Waiting For, Hollaback Girl, Cool, and Rich Girl.

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In December, Stefani revealed she was open to the idea of a No Doubt reunion, citing Blink-182’s reformation as reason for the band to come back together. 

“It feels like everyone is [reuniting], right?” Stefani told The Wall Street Journal. “I have no idea what’s going to happen with No Doubt. We haven’t really talked about doing anything.” 


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