Gwen the Hallowed Seamstress: meet the newest ‘League of Legends’ champion

Riot Games have just dropped their official trailer for their latest League of Legends champion, Gwen the Hallowed Seamstress. Here’s what to expect from her.

As shown in a champion teaser and gameplay trailer in the early hours of March 27th AEDT, Gwen the Hallowed Seamstress has been revealed to be the next official champion to join the League of Legends fray.

With much of the League of Legends fanbase hyping up the possibility of Isolde, wife of the Ruined King Viego, starring as the next champion, Riot Games have shown that speculations are indeed just speculations.


Gwen the Hallowed Seamstress: where is she from?

Officially named Gwen the Hallowed Seamstress, she will the 155th champion in League of Legends. Think she looks like a doll? Well, that’s because she actually is. Riot appears to be towing a similar line to Seraphine here by having Gwen’s character design to be reminiscent of the other members of K/DA, League of Legends’ official virtual K-pop supergroup.

Viego was the last champion to be introduced into the Runeterra universe, and it seems like Riot is expanding on his lore by introducing his child in Gwen’s teaser trailer. Sort of. Gwen is a doll made by Isolde, and is implied to have some of her soul imbued within.

She even wields Isolde’s scissors, further perpetuating theories that Isolde has pulled a Voldemort and scattered her soul into various objects.

And there’s more. After Isolde’s passing, Gwen appears to have been forgotten for centuries, lying deep beneath the ocean until she was brought back to life with the Black Mist. Everything else surrounding Viego, Isolde, and Gwen is shrouded in mystery, and it will only take time to tell what tragedy split the Ruined King’s family life.

But either way, Gwen has taken the spotlight in the Shadow Isle lore for now.

Onto gameplay

While we don’t know the specific controls behind all the abilities Gwen has, from the trailers we can deduce that she has some deadly talent with those scissors. She also seems to be a melee character that can pack a lot of damage.

Gwen is depicted to be more of a skill-based fighter, as she can shoot needles – a whole whirlwind of them – once she activates a blue aura. The official character trailer also shows Gwen dashing everywhere, which indicates her potential for some decent mobility.

There are some observations going around the community suggesting that the latest League of Legends character is a combination of Samira and Riven. Based off these techniques, it’s clear that she is the “tailor-made” AP-based champion that Riot declared they’d introduce at the beginning of the year.

Check out the gameplay trailer below to see her abilities firsthand.

Although no official date has been announced, Gwen is expected to arrive sometime soon at around April 14th, 2021. The logic behind this is that prior to being released on the public server, she will drop by the Public Beta Testing servers first, in line with the upcoming 11.7 and 11.8 patches.

If you can’t wait till Gwen enters the battle, why not distract yourself with some K/DA tracks? “You look like you could use some more.”