Habitat for Humanity hands over the keys to their first 3D-printed home

A Virginia family had moved into their new home just in time for Christmas.

Habitat for Humanity has released images of the touching moment, where a family was handed the keys to their new home.

The organisation dedicates houses to families in need all the time but the house sold on December 21 was something extra special. It was 3D printed.

Credit: Habitat for Humanity

The three-bedroom home with two full bathrooms is the first-ever 3D printed Habitat house in the US and honestly, they nailed it. This place is stunning.

The new homebuyer April Stringfield stood in front of her new home with her 13-year-old son beside the CEO of Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg as different speakers congratulated the family on their new residence.

Stringfield wiped away tears of joy and gratitude to say a few words herself:

“My son and I are so thankful,” she said. “I always wanted to be a homeowner. It’s a dream come true.”

The Habitat for Humanity CEO, Janet V.Green told CNN that the organisation partnered with a 3D printing company, Alquist, earlier this year.

The 110-square-meter home was built with concrete. Printed concrete!

Sorry, this is just so cool!

Crazier than picturing each individual piece of the wall being printed is knowing that the home only took 12 hours to build, saving about four weeks of construction time.

Stringfield purchased the home through the Habitat Homebuyer Program. The program allows for more affordable home-buying and also prepares candidates with the resources they need to prepare financially for the various responsibilities of homeownership.

“Every Habitat affiliate in the nation and worldwide sells home to partner families who have low to moderate incomes, “ Green said. “They must have and maintain good credit and be willing to partner with us.”

“I’m excited to make new memories in Williamsburg and especially in a house, a home,” Stringfield continued, “Some place I can call home and give my son that backyard that he can play in and also for my puppy to run around the yard.”