Half of humanity now plays video games, study finds

A study by DFC Intelligence has confirmed that over 3 billion people have spent money on games in their lifetime.

If you’ve ever spent a dollar in games like Candy Crush or something equally embarrassing (we won’t judge), you’re a gamer according to a new study.

DFC Intelligence is a company that provides market research reports, forecasting services, and consulting for the online gaming industry. Here’s the key take-away.

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What classifies a gamer? The study recognises that there are a plethora of gaming devices with an enormous amount of players from different countries. Only consumers who “pay money for games on a specific platform” are counted as gamers, making they don’t double-count cross-platform and free-to-play (F2P) players. It’s uncertain whether the exclusion of the F2P community is intentional or if the study simply couldn’t account for every one of them.

If you include the people who play free games (I mean, I’ve seen people clock thousands of hours on League of Legends without spending a cent), we could assume that a lot more than three billion people are gamers.

The study points to increasing evidence that old-school stereotypes about those who play video games are long gone. No longer a niche, gamers in 2020 are well-balanced, sociable members of the public – one in two people can’t be wrong, right?