A powerhouse compilation album will be released in response to the Burger Records scandal

All proceeds from Hands Off! will be filtered into “nonprofits that focus on the empowerment of young women”.

Hands Off! is a new compilation record aiming to celebrate the roles of womxn in rock ‘n’ roll. It was produced in response to the recent downfall of Burger Records: an American label that closed after countless allegations of ongoing sexual misconduct and toxic masculinity surfaced against many of its signed artists.

Set for release on December 1 via Tapehead City, Hands Off! will be limited to 200 copies offered on cassette tape only. 100% of profits will go towards the empowerment of young womxn,” with the compilation aiming to prevent the further mistreatment of women within the music industry.

hands off!

Hands Off! was produced and curated by a number of core female artists, including Miss Alex White of White Mystery, May McDonough of Psychedelic Cherry, LG from Thelma & the Sleaze, and Charlie Kaplan of Tapehead City.

The compilation features a number of brilliant female artists including Courtney Barnett, Alice Bag, Kathleen Hanna, and Amyl and the Sniffers. You can grab your copy of the charity record as part of a T-Shirt and cassette bundle or on limited-edition cassette.

Just a few months back, an Instagram page called Lured By Burger Records was launched, urging victims of the label or its artists to speak out against the “predators involved with Burger Records”. From this account and the testimonies of other victims, multiple artists who were signed to the label, including The GrowlersThe FrightsThe ButtertonesSWMRS, Cosmonauts, and many executives, were accused of sexual abuse and predatory behaviour.

In response, Burger Records attempted to rebrand itself with under a new name, BRGR RECS. However, as the allegations grew, the indie record label was forced to shut down after 13 years in business.

Check out our in-depth look into the scandal here.

Pre-order Hands Off! here.


1. Amyl and the Sniffers – Pleasure Forever
2. Alice Bag – 77 (ft. Kathleen Hanna and Allison Wolfe)
3. White Mystery – Good Girl
4. L7 – Fast and Frightening
5. The May Company – The Paradox Drive of Finite Confusion
6. Courtney Barnett – I’m Not Your Mother, I’m Not Your Bitch
7. KO Newborn – Maybe
8. Exene Cervenka – Already in Love
9. Kairos Creature Club – Voodoo Success
10. FEELS – Anyways
11. The Royal They – C.N.T.
12. Palehound – Killer
13. Groupie – Poor You
14. Thelma and the Sleaze – In Prison
15. Shadow Show – The Alchemist
16. Blacker Face – Punk Song
17. Krystal Metcalfe – Fearless
18. Gymshorts – You Blew It
19. Clickbait – Heat!
20. The Black Tones – Mama! There’s a Spider in My Room!
21. Karen Meat – Synthetic
22. The Exbats – One Foot in the Light