Hannah Frances uncovers serene folk-pop ballads on her debut EP ‘Silverleaves’

Across its 5 tracks, Hannah Frances’ debut EP Silverleaves reveals itself as a rich, warm experience, filled with the feeling of late spring days by the ocean.

After three stunning singles, Melbourne singer-songwriter Hannah Frances has released her debut EP, a five-track collection of swirling folk-pop. Silverleaves drifts through 20 minutes of rich emotional ballads, drawing on the greats of indie-folk like Joni Mitchell in order to create a fresh take on the genre.

Released at the perfect time of year, Silverleaves feels like a refreshing ocean breeze on a warm afternoon. The shimmering guitars and angelic vocals that tie the project together create a tender sonic experience perfect for spring weather.

Hannah Frances - Silverleaves

Opening track Here Comes The Rain begins with an ethereal vocal passage reminiscent of Lana Del Rey. A dark, eerie mood setter, the track eases you into the swirling sonic palette of Silverwaves. Warm synths fold in on each other as the track builds to a cinematic crescendo before giving way to the gentle guitar of Ocean Baby.

Lead single Wolf draws on the bucolic aesthetic of contemporaries to Frances like First Aid Kit and Kacey Musgraves. The blend of its overarching bright rock sound alongside light folk guitars and Frances’ powerful falsetto builds a serene picture of green countrysides. Meanwhile, the track’s lyrics portray something more sinister. Built around the idiom “a wolf that wears sheep’s clothes“, the song explores the hurt of lies and deception from someone you’re close to.

Each track connects to Silverleaves, a town nestled into the coast of Victoria’s Phillip Island.  The essence of the small beach town is omnipresent across the five tracks, with the warmth of Frances’ vocals effortlessly conjuring images of spring days at the beach. Production from Lee Bradshaw bolsters this warmth, pressing the crisp guitars, cinematic drums, and sparkling synths against each other.

One EP in and Hannah Frances has found a timeless sound. An endearing exploration of the beauty of folk-pop, each track opens a new avenue within the genre, culminating in a glistening collection of sincere, heartfelt expression.

Listen to the EP below or pre-order a physical copy on Hannah Frances’ Bandcamp.