Happy Listening: this week’s 6 best new releases

It’s Friday, the best day of the week, and we’re swimming in new releases to share with you! From much loved Mac DeMarco’s fourth album to a bunch of Aussie acts killing it at the moment, we’ve got you covered.

Get your speaker charged and ready, cause you’re in for a weekend of happy listening.

It’s Friday and we’ve collected the best new tunes of the past seven days. Sit back, relax and get listening.

Dope Lemon – Hey You

After three years of silence, Dope Lemon have dropped a new single Hey You and it’s killer. A side project of Angus Stone’s, one half of sibling duo Angus and Julia Stone, the release is sultry, instrumentally driven and infectious as ever.

The song comes in conjunction with the announcement of a second album entitled Smooth Big Cat available on the 12th July, as well as an Australian and NZ tour in August. We can’t wait to get our hands on the album, but for now check out the music video for Hey You below.

Mac Demarco – Here Comes The Cowboy

Mac DeMarco is back with his fourth full-length album Here Comes The Cowboy, a riveting release that shows just how far his songwriting has come. Returning to his notably smooth, lush and (self described) ‘jizz-jazz’ sound, DeMarco recorded almost every instrument heard on the album by himself.

Discussing the record, he said “This one is my cowboy record. Cowboy is a term of endearment to me, I use it often when referring to people in my life. Where I grew up there are many people that sincerely wear cowboy hats and do cowboy activities. These aren’t the people I’m referring to.

This one’s definitely worth a listen.

Lola Kirke – Omens

Omens is a groove instilled and heartfelt single by English-born American actress and singer Lola Kirke .With a perfect balance between raw vocals and compelling electric guitar call and response, Kirke is sharing her true colours as an artist.

Lola is killing the game at the moment. Watch the dramatic music video for Omens below.

World Champion – Skyline

World Champion’s sophomore 7-track EP Skyline is a jangly psych-pop release full of soft falsetto vocals and killer bongo lines. The long awaited EP has been far from a disappointment – it’s fun-loving, experimental and wacky in all the right places.

With nods to ’70s psychedelia via arpeggiated synths, infectious bass riffs and velvety vocals, the Sydney band is well and truly back and better than ever.

Kira Puru – Everything Is Better Without You

Kira Puru’s latest single Everything Is Better Without You is an infectious pop jam celebrating getting rid of toxic relationships in life. With Puru’s purposeful and soulful vocals teamed with a catchy guitar motif, synthetic production and unique record scratching interjections, she has created one anthem of a song.

Promoting empowerment, strength and healing, we think Kira is onto something gooood.

Emerson Snowe – That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll

Emerson Snowe’s new EP That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll is emotive, boppy and reminiscent of ’80s synth pop. His ability to create silky tones and a dreamy atmosphere is a testament to his musical expertise and is peppered throughout the release.

Listen to Emerson’s expansive vocals below and catch him on the front cover of Happy Mag’s Issue 11, The Photo Issue.