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Happy Mag: Looking Back on 2019

We hope you had a lot of fun reading and partying with Happy Mag in 2019. Every gig needs its crowd, and last year there were more of you than ever before.

We wanted to say a sincere thanks to everyone who has read our ramblings, played a gig, or shared a drink with us over the last 12 months.

We’d be nothing without you – here’s a little proof:

Happy Mag Looking Back on 2019 info stack

2020 is now in full swing and we have a bunch of stuff we’re super excited to share with you. For now rest assured that your favourite mainstays – Happy Mag in print and the Launch parties, Needle In The Hay, Vivid, and more – will all return in 2020.

Once again, thank you to everyone who became a part of Happy Mag these past 12 months. Catch you soon.


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January 14, 2020