Happy Mag’s guide to Pigsty In July 2018

You’ve probably been hearing a lot lately about Pigsty In July, but you might be asking yourself “why exactly is everyone so excited for this feast?

Well, we’re here to tell you why – Pigsty In July is one of the most unique one-day events currently operating in Australia, and you’d be a fool not to head along.

If you’re thinking of heading along to Pigsty In July, you’re going to need to know all the details. Start your preparation now with our definitive guide.

Dress Code

One of the defining characteristics of Pigsty In July is its dress code. This is a second-hand formal themed event, and you are strongly urged to rock your finest hand-me-down outfit.

So bust out grandpa’s turtleneck sweater, dad’s cravat, or your auntie’s hand-knitted scarf – the chance is finally yours.

There’s no expectations here, other then that we want to see smart, sophisticated men who take pride in a pre-loved suit,” say the festival.

As for the ladies: “We want to see ladies who can rock a dress of any era or style. It’s a chance to get one of those awesome dresses that you thought you’d never wear again. Perhaps a dress may have been too much for a previous function could be ripe for this one.

And a little tip – wear a jacket. July can get pretty cold.


This year’s instalment of Pigsty In July will boast an incredible roster of some of the country’s best acts.

Leading the charge will be Newcastle ska legends The Porkers and Aussie rock heroes Front End Loader. Also joining in on the fun will be a huge selection of talented artists, including The Steele Syndicate and a whole heap more.

Playing times were just announced for the whole festival, so whip out the day planner and run your eyes over the below:

pigsty in july playing times


As if all those bands weren’t enough, the festival will also feature a lineup of amazing comedy. Bec Charlwood will be heading along, as well Australian icon Aaron Gocs. Trust me, you don’t wanna miss your chance to see Gocsy live.

Food & Beverage

We’ll finish up with possibly the most important factor; the eats. On the night, Pigsty In July will be providing you with a two-course dinner, courtesy of Newcastle restaurant Meet. The menu has just been released, and it’s an absolute winner (suss that out below).

As for drinks, there’ll be a full range of beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails… oh, and you’ll also receive a complimentary glass of beer or wine upon arrival. How many other festivals do you know that’ll hook you up with a free drink?

All in all, Pigsty in July may be a far cry from your average festival. But there are already plenty of those out there, don’t you reckon? For a taste of something a little different, do yourself a favour and head along… you won’t regret it.

Grab tickets and info here.