Happy presents: HEAD!

Lots of things make us at Happy excited – rad tunes, big effects pedals, weird synthesisers and sharing some of the best new sounds with the world. None of these things, however, get us quite as excited as putting on our own shows, curated by bands we love and hosted at some of this city’s hippest spots. Know that when we say ‘we’re excited to announce a series of Happy coordinated events called Head‘ in the H2 below, we really mean we’re excited – no filler adjectives here.

atlas b salvesen

We’re excited to announce Head! a series of Happy coordinated events the first of many kicking off on August 22nd at FBi Social.

To be hosted at Sydney’s tastemaking headquarters FBi Social, Head! sets out to not only be the night where you’ll discover your next favourite band, but also a glimpse into the headlining artist’s brainspace as they curate a bill of the city’s finest up and comers. The first in what we hope to be many incarnations of Head! will see our old friend Atlas B Salvesen, a US via Sydney songwriter who was a staple of Happy’s Campfire Sessions back in the day, showcase some of his favourite newbies to the scene.

Jack Colwell, previously of Jack Colwell and the Owls will begin our night of grandiose singer songwritership with his brand of freaky, folky tunes. Released in February of this year, Colwell’s latest single Far From View highlights the best of Colwell’s sound – clean guitars, anthemic choruses and an enormous, wandering progressiveness. If you’re familiar with Atlas B Salvesen’s own sound, Jack’s inclusion on the bill will be no mystery to you.

Fitting in perfectly with the location, Community Radio are slotted tightly in the middle. A little bit Arcade Fire, a little bit National, a little bit TV on the Radio, Community Radio are one of those bands that sound like they should have been brought up in big sky country, born to silo manufacturers, learning to drive in Chevrolet’s and brought up listening to Springsteen tapes. Yet there’s a poppy quirk to them, like they moved to Portland and got a lopsided haircut – their latest 7″ Sick In The Car / Wildflower sums up their dualistic nature – Sick In The Car sounding like a Gang Of Youths B-Side while Wildflower belies a not so secret love for twisted pitchforkcore and ne0-psych.

And then of course you’ve got Atlas B themselves who are, like the USSR of past decades, planning a big yet top secret launch. We’re hosting the event and we don’t even know what it is – only the very top dogs of Happy Corp know what is in store… Read our little retrospective on last years Atlas release for what you can expect.

Aaaand here’s the boring stuff: Fire Doors at 8pm – $10 on the door – Level 2 of the Kings Cross Hotel, 244-248 William Street, Kings Cross. See you there!