Richard Cuthbert – Winterlude

Richard Cuthbert makes some beautiful music. He really does. Music wise, I am a folky flower child at heart. While I don’t do tie-dye or middle part my hair I’m partial to soft, crooning vocals and sweetly, strummed acoustic guitar.

It will always make me weak at the knees, but to be honest, folk can get a little stale in big doses which is why it’s awesome he didn’t make a 90 minute worth of it. Thank you for having mercy on my soul which only yearns for folk lullabies and EPIC synths.richard cuthbert

Richard Cuthbert plays guitar and sings songs. Here are some words about him and his latest EP Winterlude.

Perhaps the reason I’m not blindly singing praises about Cuthbert however is probably the fact that (a) I have been listening to too much really sick new music and cannot process so much goodness at the present time, and/or (b) I have had my dodgy earphones basically attached into my ears for 80% of the time for the past month and now have an ear blister (yes, there is such a thing).* I haven’t really given this dude a fair chance in listening to all his tracks properly yet.

That said, I like this guy. His latest EP Winterlude is pretty sweet. Not just because of the punny EP title – although, come on it’s pretty darn awesome. The mood of the record is very mellow and tranquil, almost excessively tranquil in order to lull you into a false sense of security so that Cuthbert can sneak songs like Kill You which have super creepy lyrics appropriate for a psycho-thriller film but sounds so peaceful you would never even know it. The first track on the aforementioned EP Nothing to Hide was one I feel sort if grew on me after hearing it a couple times. A quiet and understated acoustic creation, the song is warm and reassuring like a mug of hot tea on a cold morning.

A mark of uniqueness I find in Richard Cuthbert is his penchant for beautiful and descriptive lyrics. So often I find musicians overlook the power of good lyrics in a song, these days it’s more the composition of a song that is depended upon to deliver the message or mood of a track. It’s old-fashioned perhaps, but something I appreciate and find a nice change. Also, this guy is happy to dance in a suit – check out the music vid for It Stops – which gives him brownie points in my book.

Of course, there needed to be at least one artist-indulgent track – aka A Thousand Happy Thoughts which runs for 8+ minutes. I actually can’t explain this one. It may be a weird confessional monologue thing? It might actually be a joke, I mean he is a pretty funny dude who isn’t against writing about himself in the third-person. Richard Cuthbert, I think you’re cool. There, that is my verdict.

Well, it is Friday at the time of me writing this, and to rebel against the astute expectations and observations of contemporary anthropologist Ms. R. Black, I will spend the rest of my night on my iPad and reading in bed as opposed to ‘getting down’, ‘partyin’ or ‘having a ball‘ – and will definitely be catching up on some of this badass Cuthbert action.

*Share photos of medical conditions on Happy Facebook pls. Especially if they have something to do with the consumption of music.



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