Happy throws a BIGSOUND party with Jesse Davidson, The Jensens, Torfason and GRRL PAL!

This year’s massive BIGSOUND is just around the corner, with 150 bands playing and well over 100 guest speakers. lksnegflwefn. Sorry, we got drool in the keyboard just from salivating too much. With plenty of cool warm up parties across Brissie Happy is proud to be presenting Bsitrotheque alongside Akimbo and Deezer. Playing the show will be Jesse Davidson, The Jensens, Torfason and GRRL PAL.

BIstrotheque BIGSOUND

Sponsered by Sailor Jerry’s and Capi the night will include plenty of grub, dancing on tabletops and plenty of good chooons. Be sure to get down to the Flying Cock Bistro on September 8, and best of all it’s FREE.