Happy’s guide to the Easter long weekend: express yourself

Listen up! Easter Long Weekend is right around the corner. In the business of everyday life it’s so easy to let your creative outlets fall to the wayside, be it a hobby or something you’re hoping to pursue further. Studies have proven that allowing your brain to explore new pathways can help with problem solving and stress management, so don’t hold yourself back!

With four days off coming up in the Easter Long Weekend, we’re offering up a few suggestions on how to keep the creative juices flowing.

Get educated

easter long weekend
Photo: AIM on Facebook

If you’ve already got an instrument under your belt, consider taking things further and enrolling in a school like the Australian Institute of Music (AIM), where you can grow your skills in an incredible supportive and musical community.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded creatives, you’ll grow your skills so much faster than on your own and meet some amazing people who you may continue to build relationships with throughout your career. If you’re serious about launching your career but not sure where to start, check out some of AIM’s programs below for a thrilling Easter Long Weekend.

Learn an instrument

easter long weekend
Photo: Kane Lehanneur / Nicholas Pilatos

Whether you’ve never played an instrument, or there’s one you’ve always wanted to add to your repertoire, spend four days getting the basics down on a new toy this Easter Long Weekend. YouTube tutorials will be your best friend, especially when it comes to sound production and techniques to avoid injury.

The internet is a treasure trove of resources for your educational pleasure. If you have a friend who plays well, you could make a skill swap arrangement or ask for mate’s rates – this way you get the added bonus of one-on-one feedback.

Brush and Sip

easter long weekend
Photo: Brush and Sip on Facebook

Painting is a hard medium to get into as a hobbyist. Materials are expensive, the skill floor is pretty high, and the time investment can be gigantic. That said, putting brush to canvas can be unbelievably rewarding, and every project is a potential new decoration for your place or someone else’s.

Boozy painting classes are fun as heck. They’ll sit you down with a teacher who knows what they’re doing, plus provide all the supplies you need and a bottle of wine to wash it all down. Chances are you’ll walk out with something that’s ready to hang on the wall, and you will have had a blast creating it.

For a local stop, check out Brush and Sip on King Street in Newtown.

Record some demos

easter long weekend
Photo: Dani Hansen

You’ve written a killer song. But how is anyone going to hear that song unless you record it? Recording demos can spark joy in some, but fill others with a sense of impending doom. I definitely fall into the latter category.

Demos should be exciting, as they’re the first time a piece of art is captured. Find a way to make it fun – maybe dress up, or treat it like a gig and get some mates around to help out on other instruments. At the end of the long weekend you’ll have something special you can start turning into a masterpiece and sharing with the world. If embracing your creative side is the last thing you want to do with four days off, don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered. Check out the other instalments of Happy’s Guide to the Easter Long Weekend below: